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    Fair pricing

    $16.50 per pound Portfolio coffee
    $25.40 per pound
    Average specialty coffee in Canada

    Peak Freshness

    This coffee is roasted in Toronto no more than 4 days in advance and shipped the next business day.

    Coffee profile

    Roast type: Medium roast
    Tasting notes: Molasses, chocolate, and full body
    Strength: 3/10
    Acidity: 7/10
    Sort: Blend
    Origin: Brazil, Colombia
    Process: Natural

    Brewing parameters

    Brew type: X:YY = X part of coffee to YY parts of water
    French press coffee
    Chemex coffee
    Auto drip coffee
    Pour-over coffee 1:1
    Aeropress coffee 1:1
    Espresso coffee 1:1

    Customer's favourite brew

    This coffee is excellent for all brewing types and our customer's favourites are espresso and drip.

    Coffee farm

    Los Girasoles comes to us from the award-winning Calderon family who has been working in the Dota Valley in Tarrazu for three generations. We have been working with this family for almost 10 years and their coffees have become a mainstay on our annual single-origin lineup. 

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