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    The Coffee tasting sampling gift pack is an easy way to find your favourite Portfolio coffee!

    Try four of our coffees without having to stock up. The coffee tasting kit is the perfect choice for experiencing multiple Portfolio coffees at their peak freshness. 

    Enter this coffee adventure and explore different coffee profiles and origins at once.

    What's in the kit

    Each Coffee tasting sampling gift pack comes with 4 bags of 3.5oz each. That's approximately 100g per bag and you can brew between 5 and 7 cups of coffee (240ml) with each of the 4 bags, depending on your preferred method of making coffee at home.

    That's up to 28 cups of coffee per Coffee tasting sampling gift pack.

    You'll get to experience different roasting types: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast giving you a full range of how great coffee can taste.

    The coffees

    Fazenda Eldorado
    An excellent single-origin from Brazil, this coffee is at its best as a medium roast and produce notes of red fruits and chocolate, as well as a long aftertaste. It comes from the Alta Mogiana region and has a low-medium acidity .

    Inga Aponte
    A traditional dark roast 100% Colombia. This coffee is a crowd pleaser with notes of sugar cane, winey, and a full body. Explore the flavours of Caturra, Typica, Bourbon coffee from the Nariño region.

    Fazenda Cachoeira
    From the famous Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil comes this 100% Red Catuai coffee. Expect notes of oranges and cocoa, along with a deep body from this medium roast.

    Fazenda Santa Monica
    A Catucai 2SL coffee from the Alta Mogiana region in Brazil roasted light. This coffee will take show you how light roasts can be nuanced. Expect notes of peanut butter, brown sugar, and a sweet finish.

    Coffee to water ratio

    If you have access to a coffee scale or a kitchen scale to measure your coffee grounds and water, follow the ratio below for optimal enjoyment. Coffee quantity is measured in grams of ground coffee and water is measured in grams or millilitres.

    Method Coffee g : water g/ml
    French press
    Auto drip
    Pour-over 1:16-17
    Aeropress 1:13
    Espresso 1:1.17-2.2

    If you don't have a precision scale you can use common kitchen utensils such as tablespoons to measure a coffee to water ratio that will result in a great cup of coffee.

    Tablespoons range from 4g to 7g. For simplification, we averaged a tablespoon to 5 grams of ground coffee. We are also using an 8oz (240ml) cup as a standard cup of coffee. 

    Method Water (1 cup) Coffee grounds
    French press
    8oz (240ml)
    20g or 5 tablespoons
    8oz (240ml) 16g or 3 tablespoons
    Auto drip
    8oz (240ml) 16g or 3 tablespoons
    Pour-over 8oz (240ml) 14g to 15g or 3 tablespoons
    Aeropress 8oz (240ml) 18g or 3 and a half tablespoons


    Peak freshness

    All coffees in the sampling kit are roasted in Toronto no more than 5 business days prior to shipping to your door. This ensures you get the freshest coffee at home and can experience all the flavour nuances that come with coffee that hasn't been sitting on a shelf.

    Ideal for coffee tasting

    Gather your loved ones for a fun coffee tasting or sharpen your coffee skills by yourself. The Coffee tasting sampling gift pack is ideal for trying different coffees at once and discovering your personal taste or challenging your coffee skills.

    Hint: pair this experience with the coffee flavour wheel for a deeper analysis of your coffee 

    The perfect gift to the coffee lover 

    Known someone who can't go a day without coffee? Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary gift? Send them a coffee tasting kit they are sure to love. The Coffee tasting sampling gift pack is the perfect gift to the coffee lover - no more guessing what coffee they like.

    Take your gift to the next level with a Portfolio Coffee gift card or a Coffee Subscription.

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