Gift a cup of coffee

Send barista-quality coffee to someone you care about. Simply add their address and we'll make sure they get your thoughtful surprise in the mail.

As low as $5.95, everything included.


Want to let someone special know you’re thinking of them?

Brighten up someone's day with a barista-quality cup of coffee delivered straight to their door.

Whether it's for your family, friends, neighbours, employees, coworkers, hairdresser, teacher, doctor, dentist, accountant, trainer, or someone else just as special we are sure that when you gift a cup you'll put a smile on their face and their mouth will thank you.

Thank you for helping us spread joy and kindness through the act of gifting a cup of coffee to someone you care about!

As low as $5.95

No hidden fees, shipping charges, or taxes.
Choose between a 2-pack or a 4-pack and we will prepare and mail easy-to-brew coffee to any address in Canada.


Hassle-free coffee

Drip bag coffee is perfect for every coffee lover. All you need is a cup and hot water. No equipment, no prep, and no cleanup. Brew it outdoors, at work, or at home


How to brew drip bag coffee

Bulk gifting available!

Want to gift a cup to your team at work? Send a teat to all your clients? Maybe a wedding treat? 

Send us your list of giftees and their addresses and we'll invoice you at once to make things easier for you.




Specialty coffees typically carry a heavy price tag. Not at Portfolio, we do things differently. Years of supply chain experience allow us to cut down on traditional markups that inflate the price you pay for quality coffee.


What makes Portfolio different than your average coffee shop is we do all the heavy lifting from building relationships with the farm owners, importing coffee into Canada, roasting locally in Toronto, to shipping straight to your door.


The specialty coffee world can be intimidating. Brewing ratios, expensive equipment, recipes, you name it. We’re here to show you that enjoying a better cup of coffee at home doesn’t have to be complicated.

Want more coffee?

Find your next favourite coffee at Portfolio.
Whole beans or grounds. Brazilian, Colombian, Jamaican, and more!
Starting as low as $9.95