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Portfolio coffee subscription:
never (ever) run out of excellent coffee beans

Canada's best coffee subscription shipping to anywhere in Canada and the United States. Get free shipping on all orders over $30 and 10% off on all recurring orders.

Our subscription service is the best option if you find yourself constantly running out of coffee. Choose from single origin or blends, or go by your favourite tasting notes and get fresh coffee beans delivered to your door as often as you'd like with just a few clicks.

The perks

1. Recurring coffee and tea deliveries that fit your schedule.
2. Cancel or pause anytime.
3. Save 10% automatically
4. Free shipping if your subscription is over $30
5. Treat yourself to a subscription or gift it to someone else


How it works

How to buy coffee subscription online


1. Navigate to your favourite Portfolio coffee or tea.
2. Before adding the product to your cart, select the option to Subscribe & Save.
3. Choose the timing, add the product to your cart and you’re good to go through checkout!

You can add multiple coffees or teas to your subscription and choose from different pouch sizes as well as coffee beans or ground coffee.

How much coffee and how often?

It can be tricky to predict how long it takes to go through bags of coffee. The best approach is to start with your best guess and then adjust after your second or third order. To help you come up with a starting order check our frequency guide below.

 1 cup = 10oz or 300ml Subscription Frequency of a 1lbs bag
A few cups a week Every 4 weeks
1 cup a day Every 3 weeks
2-3 cups a day Every 2 weeks
4+ cups a day Every week


If you share your coffee with other people remember to account for their cups as well. Also take into consideration that our coffee taste peaks at around 5-7 days after roasting and we recommend you enjoy it within 4 weeks so we encourage you to have less bags per order but more frequent orders than a large bag that will sit at home for a longer period.

Freshly roasted coffee

Just like individual orders, our subscription service only ships freshly roasted coffee. How fresh? Our expert coffee roasters make sure every bag is filled with beans roasted no more than 4 days in advance and we ship it fast so you can get the freshest taste at home.

Looking for the best coffee subscription in Toronto?

Hello Toronto friend, you found it! And we’re happy to offer additional perks to you.

1. Save on shipping by picking up your order at our coffee roaster for free. We’re open Monday to Friday and here’s our coffee shop location.
2. Get your coffee subscription orders delivered even faster and with more convenience by choosing local courier delivery if your address is within the zone below. 
local courier delivery zone for coffee delivery

Have questions about your coffee subscription?

If you have any questions about how subscriptions work check out the FAQS below. We’re always here to listen to your suggestions and help solve any doubts you might have. Send us an email at or use the form to contact us.

Subscription FAQs


How does a coffee subscription work?

Just choose which coffee or tea you’d like to receive every month (or every two weeks, or every week—you get the picture), select “subscribe & save” then click “add to cart” and head to checkout where you’ll enter your shipping and billing information.

Now you sit back and let us do the rest. We’ll make sure your order continues to arrive according to your preferred schedule. Simply put, if you’d like to never be without coffee or tea again, you can never be without coffee or tea again.

How much does a coffee subscription cost?

Coffee subscriptions prices start as low as $8.55 per order.

Subscriptions costs vary depending on the coffee you select, the size of the coffee bag, and the shipping option of your choice. For example, you can subscribe to a 1/2lbs bag of Eldorado coffee for as low as $8.55 plus shipping or you can choose to get more coffee in order to reach the $30 minimum for free shipping.

What if I decide I need more coffee, a different coffee, or even cancel my subscription later on?

Easy-peasy! You can adjust or cancel your subscription at any point by logging into your Portfolio account.

What if I want my coffee delivered more or less frequently? Or what if I go on vacation or need to take a break from receiving orders altogether?

You’re the boss! You can adjust your subscription frequency and even skip upcoming orders by logging into your account. Please note that delivery schedule changes have to be made before your next charge goes through—once a charge goes through, the order has been placed and it will be shipped as-is as soon as it’s packed up. If you need any help you can always contact us.

How do I gift someone a coffee subscription?

If you know their address you can simply select the products as if you were giving yourself a coffee subscription and add their information in the shipping section. Changes to the subscriptions will need to be done through the email you use to place the order.

Alternatively, if you'd like to give the person more control over the subscription or if you’re not sure about which coffees they might like you can also purchase them a digital gift card so they can build their own subscription.

How do I order multiple subscriptions?

Subscriptions for multiple recipients must be ordered individually. This allows us and you to manage your subscription in the best way.