About us

We’re Portfolio Coffee

Portfolio was founded with a simple objective: to bring coffee drinkers and high-quality coffee together without the typical heavy price tag of the specialty coffee industry.

We are importers, roasters, and cafe owners on a mission to bring you exceptional, everyday specialty coffees at a great value, period. Our expertise and direct-to-customer approach allow us to avoid traditional retail markups while offering barista-quality coffee you can brew at home every day.

Fair pricing

Specialty coffees typically carry a heavy price tag. Not at Portfolio, we do things differently. We've built direct relationships with renowned coffee farmers globally. We import and custom roast these beans ourselves and deliver them to you directly.

Connecting you with quality is Portfolio's top priority. Years of supply chain experience allow us to cut down on traditional steps that inflate the final price.

The coffee supply chain costs that are passed on to you:
A chart comparing the costs involved in the traditional supply chain versus Portfolio supply chain, showing how Portfolio is able to keep the coffee price low

On average, 12 ounces of coffee makes 21 cups of coffee. That means that a barista-quality coffee can be brewed at home for less than 80 cents (CAD). Here's how we compare to the average specialty coffee price in Canada:

specialty coffee price comparison


High-quality coffee has two main challenges: sourcing and freshness.

Mass coffee shop chains are not able to provide high-quality coffee due to logistical limitations. Because of the mass volume, specialty coffee farms aren’t capable of providing all the coffee they need which means they resort to combining multi-region coffee more often than not and you end up with a subpar cup of coffee - while still paying for all the traditional markups.

Grocery store coffee has a long journey from farm to shelf that comes with a major setback: the roasting date is often far from ideal leaving you with coffee that missed the peak maturing window for optimal freshness. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean you don’t pay all the premiums involved.

What differentiates Portfolio from your average mass-marketed coffee is quality. All our coffees are sourced directly from specialty coffee farms which means they consistently score above 80 points out of 100 in the coffee grading system.

We’ll also let you in on a secret: roasting coffee darker than necessary is a common tactic used to hide subpar coffee quality. High-quality coffee shouldn’t taste burnt and each coffee has its ideal roasting level, from light roast to dark roast purposefully.

And what makes Portfolio different than your average coffee shop is we do all the heavy lifting from building relationships with the farm owners, importing coffee into Canada, roasting locally in Toronto, to shipping straight to your door.

Our ever-expanding selection of regional single origins, micro-lots and blends hail from elite farms producing harvests of serious character and consistency. Our ongoing pursuit is to access and connect you with the best, everyday coffee that you can count on.


The specialty coffee world can be intimidating at first. Brewing ratios, expensive equipment, recipes. We’re here to show you that enjoying a better cup of coffee at home doesn’t have to be be complicated.

While Portfolio can be appreciated by coffee experts and baristas, our coffees are made with coffee drinkers in mind regardless of where they are in their coffee journey. We’re committed to make your coffee experience as simple as it can be and as sophisticated as you’d like.

Coffee is with you when you’re getting ready for the day, when you need a break, after a meal with your loved ones, and so many other precious moments. We’re here to make your cup of coffee a good one, or two.

Yours in coffee,

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