About us

Portfolio: Great Coffees, Great Prices

Custom roasting, custom pricing. Portfolio Specialty Coffees are for everyday and for everyone.
Founded by importers, roasters and cafe owners, Portfolio has a straightforward objective: to offer you exceptional, everyday specialty coffees at a great value, period.

Fair pricing

Specialty Coffees typically carry a heavy price tag. Not at Portfolio, we do things differently. We've built direct relationships with renowned coffee farmers globally. We import and custom roast these beans ourselves and deliver them to you directly.
Connecting you with quality is Portfolio's top priority. Years of supply chain experience allows us to cut down on traditional steps that inflate the final price.
A chart comparing the costs involved in the traditional supply chain versus Portfolio supply chain, showing how Portfolio is able to keep the coffee price low

Check out Portfolio's starting price per pound:

A side by side comparison of the average specialty coffee starting price versus portfolio's lower starting price

We believe that drinking memorable coffee starts with buying memorable coffee. Our ever-expanding selection of regional single origins, micro-lots and blends hail from elite farms producing harvests of serious character and consistency. Our ongoing pursuit is to access and connect you with the best, everyday coffee that you can count on. 

Bringing extraordinary farms, producing staggering coffees year over year to your cup, Portfolio is for the barista, the hobbyist, and the set-it and forget-it daily brew drinker. All of our coffees are selected and roasted with your current home set up in mind.

Ultimately, it’s your cup of coffee. We can help make it a good one, or two.
Yours in coffee,
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