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Drip bag coffee - Equilibrio Rescue pack

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    Equilibrio, meaning "balance" in both Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish is a premium blend of Brazilian coffee from the renowned Alta Mogiana region and Nicaraguan coffee for a surprisingly fitting balance. It is a medium roast coffee that has notes of chocolate, caramel and cashew with a light floral finish.

    Portfolio Rescue pack of drip bag coffee is a hassle-free, single-serve coffee maker. Each individual bag has 15g of freshly roasted and ground coffee at the perfect grind size for pour-over brewing and makes one 200ml-240ml cup (7oz-8oz). Just add water.

    How it works

    Each Portfolio drip bag contains a single-use paper brewer filled with 15g of coffee. All you need is a mug or cup and hot water to brew an excellent cup of specialty coffee on the go and without the clean-up. They're ready in 3 easy steps:

    Step 1: Tear

    Our drip bags are individually packed to preserve the coffee freshness to the max. Simply tear the paper brewer filter at the dotted line by hand.

    Step 2: Anchor

    Each bag has two flaps meant to be anchored to your mug or cup. They keep the filter in place and with enough surface to pour water.

    Step 3: Pour

    Use a kettle or a thermal bottle to pour hot water into the bag. It brews up to 8oz of coffee.


    The best recipe for drip bag coffee

    Drip bag coffee is perfect if you're on the go, without access to coffee equipment, or in a bit of a rush. To get the best out of your drip bag coffee we recommend a few tips:

    1. Bring 200ml to 240ml of filtered water to 95oC. If it boils, wait for 2 min for it to cool down.
    2. Pour enough water to wet the coffee grounds and wait for 20 seconds
    3. Pour the remaining water slowly and steadily. If possible, pour it in a circular motion instead of aiming at the center of the bag.
    4. We recommend brewing 240 grams or millilitres of coffee per bag. Go for 200 grams or millilitres if you prefer stronger coffees.

    Coffee profile

    Roast type: Medium roast
    Tasting notes: Well-balanced, notes of dark chocolate, caramel and cashew with a light floral finish
    Strength: 7/10
    Acidity: 6/10
    Sort: Blend
    Origin: Brazil, Nicaragua
    Process: Natural/Washed
    Variety: Yellow Catuai, Caturra
    Altitude: 1100m - 1250m

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